2000 Legislation

Senate Bill

SB 1435 (Johnston) – Medicare Premium Payment Program

Authorizes CalSTRS to pay Medicare Part A premiums and certain Medicare Part B fees for specified members of the Defined Benefit Program who retire prior to July 1, 2001. Specifies eligibility criteria for the Medicare Premium Payment Program and permits the Teachers’ Retirement Board to extend eligibility for the program, under certain conditions, to members who retire after July 1, 2001. 

Senate Bill

SB 1505 (Burton) – Minimum Guaranteed Allowance

Extends eligibility for the minimum guaranteed allowance enacted by Chapter 632, Statutes of 1999 (SB 713-Burton), that is paid to Defined Benefit Program members, their option beneficiaries and surviving spouses, in varying amounts according to the member’s years of credited service at retirement.

  • Version: Chaptered (Chapter 1026, Statutes of 2000)
  • Sponsor: CRTA
  • Location: Signed by Governor
  • Board Position: Support

CalSTRS Analysis:

As amended 8/25/00

Senate Bill

SB 1666 (Alarcon) – Post-Retirement Earnings Limit Exemption

Establishes an exemption from the post-retirement earnings limit for a member who retired for service on or before January 1, 2000, if the member returns to provide direct classroom instruction to pupils in K-12, or to provide support to new teachers, individuals completing student teaching assignments or those participating in the Preinternship Teaching Program, an alternative certification program, or the School Paraprofessional Teacher Training Program.

Senate Bill

SCA 16 (Burton) – CalSTRS Budget

Would have required that the CalSTRS support budget be approved in the annual Budget Act, and authorizes the Governor or the Legislature, once every five years to instigate an independent actuarial review of CalSTRS.

  • Version: Introduced 3/06/2000
  • Sponsor: N/A
  • Location: Senate
  • Board Position: No position adopted