2013–14 Sustainability Report

2013–14 Sustainability Report


The Next 100 Years

Completion of our inaugural 2013–14 Sustainability Report, The Next 100 Years demonstrates our commitment to progressive environmental, social and governance practices. CalSTRS is the first U.S. public pension fund to be recognized for this type, and level, of reporting consistent with the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines.

Although CalSTRS has been practicing sustainability in many ways for some time, this report evaluates our comprehensive initiatives around retirement security, the impact of our investments, transparency and privacy in our business practices and our environmental efforts and performance.

CalSTRS executive leadership chose a small group of material topics that:

  • Represent our organization’s significant economic, environmental and social impacts.
  • Have been the focus of substantial stakeholder concern.
  • Have been widely viewed as a contemporary industry-related challenge or priority.

CalSTRS also solicited the input of our stakeholders through surveys, during board meetings and through informal communication channels to help us prioritize our most important initiatives. For this report, CalSTRS leveraged a materiality survey to encapsulate the concerns of our stakeholders.

Sustainability is far more than an environmental concern. It reaches current and future economic and social issues. As the largest educator-only pension fund in the world, CalSTRS was founded upon the principle that hard-earned retirement benefits reward decades of classroom service.

To ensure our mission to California’s educators is diligently carried out in every aspect of our business, CalSTRS must grow strategically and resourcefully for the long term. Understanding how to best manage long-term risks must be at the foundation of a financial services organization such as ours. Completion of a sustainability report ensures that we have taken steps consistent with our business beliefs.

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