2014–15 Sustainability Report

2014–15 Sustainability Report


Fostering a Secure Future

The second annual CalSTRS 2014–15 Sustainability Report: Fostering a Secure Future documents a framework CalSTRS developed to ensure its long-term viability as a sustainable organization.

Prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 framework, the report is a result of stakeholder engagement and feedback, which was instrumental in prioritizing the report content and analyzing organizational performance.

Results of internal and external stakeholder surveys, as well as focus groups, were used to determine prioritization of material issues and establish direction for strategic planning purposes. Based on the results of the surveys and focus groups, the report provides a detailed overview and data on seven material topics as they relate to the organization’s sustainability focus and yearly performance.

Sustainability is far more than an environmental concern. It also encompasses current and future economic and social issues. As the largest educator-only pension fund in the world, CalSTRS was founded upon the principle that hard-earned retirement benefits reward decades of classroom service.

In the 2014–15 report, Fostering a Secure Future, CalSTRS highlights the year’s most significant events, challenges and successes.