Archived Poll April 2014

CalSTRS Benefit Formula Factors

Which of the following is not a factor in your CalSTRS retirement benefit formula?

Selection Votes Percentage
Service credit 5 3%
Age factor 9 5%
Contribution amount 141 80%
Final compensation 21 12%
Total number of votes: 176 100%

The correct answer is  “Contribution amount.

Your CalSTRS retirement benefit is a defined benefit pension. With at least five years of service credit, you’re eligible for a guaranteed lifetime monthly retirement benefit based on the following formula:

Service Credit x Age Factor x Final Compensation = Retirement Benefit

Learn more about the formula and ways to increase your benefit by watching our short four-minute video, Understanding the Formula.

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Service credit2.8%
Age factor5.1%
Contribution amount80.1%
Final compensation11.9%