Archived Poll June 2016

Commitment to Sustainability

How does our commitment to sustainability relate to CalSTRS members?


Selection Votes Percentage
Stronger, long-term investments deliver profitable returns. 1 4.3
Quality of life is improved. 3 13
Lower operating costs mean improved member services. 0 0
A more secure retirement. 1 4.3
All of the above. 18 78.3

If you chose “All of the above,” you are correct.

We all share a responsibility in environmental stewardship to ensure future generations have access to the same quality of life we enjoy now. To fulfill our mission to California’s educators, CalSTRS must grow strategically and resourcefully for the long term. A goal we can achieve sustainably.

From our building to our investment strategy, our sustainable practices seek to create long-term value, promote stewardship of our natural resources and sustain the financial integrity of the fund for the benefit of our members, our community and our planet.

Learn more about CalSTRS practices in our sustainability report, Fostering a Secure Future.

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Stronger, long-term investments deliver profitable returns.4.3%
Quality of life is improved.13.0%
Lower operating costs mean improved member services.0.0%
A more secure retirement.4.3%
All of the above.78.3%