Archived Poll January 2016, Week 4

Define Sustainability

What does sustainability mean to you?

Examples of sustainability include:

  • Changing how I get tow work
  • Reducing what I buy
  • Keeping an eye on waste in packaging
  • Buying local when possible
  • Teaching students about recycling

Your Responses

  • all of the above!
  • the government wasting money
  • Putting my resources toward solar, wind & other renewable energy, instead of continuing to spend money on the corporations that produce polluting products such as oil and gas. Divesting my STRS pension from oil companies, which not only pollute but spend millions promoting public misinformation about climate change and influencing politicians who strike down laws protecting the environment.
  • All of the above.
  • Living not in the verbiage/philosophies of political correctness but with common sense, respect for nature and man, and truth.  Global warming hurts for real science application and honesty.
  • Learning, incrementally each day, how to make decisions that reduce my consumer impact on the environment. That means buying less & wasting less – but also spending more where it matters, such as switching to renewable energy for electricity.


CalSTRS defines sustainability as the framework that governs our organizational business culture. Sustainable objectives are integrated into our everyday business practices at every level of our business operations.

From member services to investment strategy, our sustainable practices seek to create long-term value, promote stewardship of our natural resources and sustain the financial integrity of the fund for the benefit of our members and our community. We think establishing a corporate environment with sustainable values is a blueprint for better governance and increased profitability.

Learn more about our vision and guiding beliefs.