Archived Poll September 2014

Direct Deposit Enrollment

What percentage of CalSTRS retirees are enrolled in direct deposit?

Selection Votes Percentage
30-45 percent 3 2%
45-60 percent 7 5%
60-75 percent 23 17%
75-90 percent 48 34%
Over 90 percent 59 42%
Total number of votes: 140 100%

The correct answer is “Over 90 percent.

Over 90 percent of CalSTRS retirees choose to receive their monthly retirement benefit payments through direct deposit.

If you still receive your payment by mail, you can choose to have your check electronically deposited in your bank account by applying online at myCalSTRS or by filling out the Direct Deposit Authorization form.

Direct Deposit is Safe and Fast

  • More than 90 percent of CalSTRS retirees choose direct deposit.
  • It is safe, quick and reliable.
  • It reduces the risk of your check getting lost in the mail, stolen or forged.
  • If your check is lost, stolen or forged, replacing your check takes less time.

Signed Up But Still Getting Monthly Direct Deposit Benefit Statements by Mail?

Help us help the environment—instead of receiving a monthly direct deposit benefit payment statement, opt to get your statements by mail twice a year—in February, for tax table changes, and October, for benefit adjustment increases.

Use your myCalSTRS account to change your delivery preference. You can always view and print past and current statements online.

You can no longer particpate in this poll, because this poll is closed.
30-45 percent2.1%
45-60 percent5.0%
60-75 percent16.4%
75-90 percent34.3%
Over 90 percent42.1%