Paperless Retirement Progress Report Deadline

Archived Poll June 2014

Your Retirement Progress Report is going paperless. Are you ready?

Selection Votes Percentage
Yes, I’m ready! I’m registered on myCalSTRS so I can access my report online. 27 50%
Yes, I’m ready! I’ve requested my paper copy delivered by U.S. mail (deadline to request a paper copy is June 16). 8 15%
No, I still need to register for a myCalSTRS account so I will be ready to access my report in September. 6 11%
I am not familiar with the Retirement Progress Report. 3 6%
I am a retired member and do not receive a Retirement Progress Report. 10 18%
Total number of votes: 54 100%

Beginning in September 2014, your Retirement Progress Report will be available online on myCalSTRS, unless you request to continue receiving it by mail.

Online delivery conserves environmental resources and offers advantages over mailed delivery, such as earlier access to your report, secure access to your reports dating back to 2002, your employer’s reporting details and more.

Learn more about Retirement Progress Reports going paperless in our Frequently Asked Questions.