Archived Poll May 2014

Retirement Benefit Gap

On average, your CalSTRS retirement benefit will replace how much of your working salary?

Selection Votes Percentage
55 to 60 percent 75 42%
65 to 70 percent 32 18%
75 to 80 percent 46 26%
85 to 90 percent 25 14%
Total number of votes: 178 100%

The correct answer is “55 to 60 percent.

Financial planners recommend replacing 80 to 90 percent of your working salary to maintain your current standard of living. Depending on your lifestyle, you’ll need to set a realistic goal that works for you.

The difference between the replacement goal you’ve set for yourself and what your CalSTRS benefit will actually replace is known as your retirement gap.

Learn more about the gap and ways to fill it by watching our short four-minute video, The Gap.

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55 to 60%42.1%
65 to 70%18.0%
75 to 80%25.8%
85 to 90%14.0%