Archived Poll May 2015

Social Media Topics

What would you like to see discussed on our Facebook and Twitter channels?

Selection Votes Percentage
Member benefit information 11 18%
myCalSTRS services 10 16%
Legislative updates 8 13%
CalSTRS news releases 8 13%
Emphasizing the importance of saving early for retirement 4 6%
Plan Perspective: CEO Jack Ehnes’ Blog 4 6%
Retirement calculators 3 5%
Sustainability information (items related to corporate governance, environmental/climate change, etc.) 3 5%
News and current events related to education 3 5%
Pension2 and defined contribution products 2 3%
Poignant member stories 2 3%
Other 2 3%
CalSTRS historical milestones 1 2%
CalSTRS staff: Behind the scenes 1 2%
Total number of votes: 62 100%

Write-in responses included:

  • Please give an example of 2 percent increase each year after retirement, not compounded.
  • CalSTRS and/or Social Security benefits, how spousal benefits are affected.
  • Revisits of the issue that teachers federal income benefits are reduced at retirement due to the Windfall Elimination Provision.

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