Archived Poll August 2017 - September 2017

Transferring CalSTRS Service Credit

Can you transfer your CalSTRS service credit to CalPERS?


Selection Votes Percentage
Yes 233 46.9
No 158 31.8
Maybe 106 21.3

Although you cannot transfer your service credit to CalPERS, one option you have if you’re a member of CalSTRS and certain other California public retirement systems is concurrent retirement. You can retire concurrently if:

  • You are at least age 55 and a member of certain other California public retirement systems, including CalPERS, and
  • You retire from both systems either on the same day or on different dates as long as you do not perform service creditable to either system between those dates.

If you do retire concurrently, CalSTRS generally will calculate your retirement benefit with the highest compensation you earned under either of the two systems. However, if you perform creditable service with both retirement systems during the same pay periods of your final compensation period, CalSTRS is required to by law to use your CalSTRS compensation earnable to calculate your final compensation.

Learn more about concurrent retirement.

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