Could you tell me the status of any ballot initiatives or Legislation that could change the existing CalSTRS pension?

Ask Jack Jack Ehnes

As of March 15, 2012 there were no initiative measures presently circulating for signature. There are however 24 Senate and Assembly Bills that call for some aspect of pension reform for public pension systems.

Some, like AB 1639, call for a maximum salary cap on compensation. Others, like AB 1649, call for forfeiture of pension benefits for public employees convicted of certain felony offenses. Not all 24 bills would directly impact CalSTRS but each contains pension reform measures that deal with existing pension benefits.

Although Governor Brown has issued a 12-Point Pension Reform proposal, he has not introduced it as a ballot initiative. The Legislature formed a Conference Committee on Public Employee Pensions and has held four joint informational hearings to explore the Governor’s pension reform proposal. The Conference Committee is in the process of drafting a report that could lead to legislative pension reform. The Legislature has indicated a draft report may be published in early spring.