AB 178 (Gorell) – Postretirement Employment

Assembly Bill

Changes the postretirement earnings limit to one-half of the median final compensation of all recently retired members. Excludes an employee of a third party, as specified, from the postretirement employment requirements. Extends a narrowly applied exemption for one year, with additional requirements for substantiating eligibility. These changes would apply to the 2012-13 fiscal year. Allows service retired members who reinstate on or after July 17, 2012, to re-retire within a year of reinstating and requires those members to keep the same option and beneficiaries, or unmodified benefit, that were in effect before reinstatement for one year after reinstatement.

  • Version: Chaptered (Chapter 135, Statutes of 2012)
  • Sponsor: Author
  • Location: Signed by Governor
  • Board Position: 

CalSTRS Analysis:

As amended 6/19/2012

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