AB 982 (Skinner) – Solar Energy Parks Program – Land Exchanges

Assembly Bill

Requires the State Lands Commission to enter into a memorandum of agreement by April 1, 2012, with the United States Secretary of the Interior to facilitate land exchanges consolidating school land parcels into contiguous holdings for large-scale renewable energy-related projects. Requires the commission, by January 1 of each year, to report to the Legislature on the status of the memorandum of agreement and school land consolidation efforts.

  • Version: Chaptered (Chapter 485, Statutes of 2011)
  • Sponsor: BrightSource Energy
  • Location: Signed by Governor
  • Board Position: Support

CalSTRS Analysis:

As amended 8/30/2011

As amended 8/15/2011

As amended 6/30/2011

As amended 6/23/2011

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