CalSTRS Celebrates 100 Years

Blog entry Jack Ehnes

Each new year brings the promise of a fresh start. For CalSTRS, 2013 marks an especially significant year for the fund when we celebrate 100 years of service to California’s educators and their families. CalSTRS began in 1913 with 16,020 active and retired members, and has grown to presently include 862,000 members with a portfolio value of more than $157 billion. One hundred years of service is an accomplishment to be proud of, and wonderful, time-honoring events are in store to commemorate this special occasion.

The first event kicks off with the launch of the new website – designed with your needs in mind. Our successful launch of the new website on January 24 offers improved access to CalSTRS benefits and services, and highlights the organization’s focus on investments, corporate governance, sustainability and plan funding issues. There is also a page dedicated to our 100-year anniversary.

The site’s design departs from the previous in that it is much more navigation-centric. Upon entering, you will notice that the site is organized into seven key areas: Members, Employers, Investments, Corporate Governance, Newsroom, Funding Plan and About Us. Clicking on one of the aforementioned terms reveals a list of all the topics housed in that particular section. From there, you can click on the links containing the information you seek.

Additionally, the new features much of the content that was previously located on the site. Now, when you enter the address, you will be directed to the Plan Funding section on This section includes: Ask Jack, where you can send questions directly to me, the CalSTRS CEO; the Fact Center; the CEO blog “Plan Perspective;” as well as important information about the ongoing efforts to address CalSTRS long-term funding needs.

As we move through our anniversary year, look for events and information including:

  • Feature articles and information in our publications.
  • Teacher appreciation videos and a video history with photographs of members’ teaching experiences during this past century.
  • An invitation-only reception to honor those members who are 100 years and older.
  • Photos of teachers throughout the years posted on our website. I invite you to submit photographs of your teaching experiences.

An educator’s dedication reaches beyond the classroom to positively enrich the lives of students and help them build their futures. The fundamental lessons learned in our school years set the foundations for life and livelihood. Join us as we celebrate 100 years of delivering on our promise of a secure retirement future for hundreds of thousands of California’s educators and their families.


Credit Union

I will never forget my first trip to the credit union. In 1954, I received my first teaching paycheck. I drove to downtown Sacramento, joined the credit union, cashed my paycheck and deposited $25.00 in a savings account. Since that time, my husband, 3 children and several grandchildren have joined me in becoming members. I visit my friendly credit union in Roseville once each month.

Leona Bonovich

Leona Bonovick, a long retired elementary school teacher from the Vacaville Unified School District, turned 100 years this last May. She lives in Winters California, and is sharp as a tack, She needs her four wheel walker now but she is alert in interested in many things. After she retired she volunteered at Vacavilles Browns Valley Elementary school, reading to the first and second graders three times a week. When she was 98 she lost her license to drive by her Doctor. She has many friends and of course many,many ex students and fellow teachers. My wife and I pick her up for concerts in Vacaville and a group of us take her to a near by restaurant on the out skirts of Winters.. To hundreds of people in Vacaville she is, and always as been, a treasure to be admired, respected and loved. Thank you for letting me tell you about LEONA BONOVICH. Richard D. Gideon Retired Teacher (Middle School for 35 years)

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