The Road to a Full Funding Plan

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The Road to a Full Funding Plan

The importance of a plan that fully funds the Defined Benefit Program cannot be overstated. It took years of overcoming budgetary constraints, educating numerous policymakers and stakeholders, and an overall perseverance to see a funding plan come to fruition.

Recently, CalSTRS sat down with a few individuals who were a part of this tremendous effort and they shared some of the challenges and highlights. This video captures the key moments that led to a funding plan.

For more information about contribution rate increases and other provisions of Assembly Bill 1469, visit the CalSTRS 2014 Funding Plan.


AB 1469

Das Kan is no longer being kicked down das Road! Good work, Governor and legislature. Jack Batson, retired teacher

Extremely Relieved and Pleased

I am extremely relieved the legislature and governor took action to increase funding for CalStrs. I do feel more secure in my retirement planning now -- thank you so much Governor Brown and all the California State Legislature :-)

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