Webcasts Boost Transparency

Blog entry Jack Ehnes

CalSTRS is committed to making our operations more transparent and keeping you informed about your CalSTRS benefits and any new developments that may be of interest to you. We want to ensure you have a number of resources and ways to stay connected to CalSTRS.

Last month I conducted a webinar online to sort fact from fiction on your retirement benefits and our long-term funding status, and took many questions from viewers. It was an extremely informative and engaging session.

Online Access

Since 2009, CalSTRS has provided a live audio stream of its board meetings. Earlier this month, the Teachers’ Retirement Board approved upgrading that to live video streaming. The board also voted to archive its meeting videocasts on our website, CalSTRS.com.

You will soon be able to watch board meetings from your desktop or laptop computer. We’re one of the first large pension systems to offer this degree of access. We will continue to produce DVDs of meetings to anyone who requests one.

Open Meetings

Our board meetings are open to the public and meeting agendas are published to the CalSTRS website 10 days prior to the meetings. These materials are provided as a matter of practice and transparency so that you can review the documents that support our investment decisions and examine the policies that help us administer the second largest public pension fund in the U.S.

The Internet has played an important tool in our effort to provide information about our funding outlook. On our website you will find studies on the funding of public pensions and updates on the actuarial valuation of the fund. Through webinars, online meetings and blogs such as this, we appreciate the opportunity to engage you in online discussions about CalSTRS and the security of your retirement.

Personal Approach

We know that sometimes a more personal approach is preferred. Through our Speakers Bureau you can ask a CalSTRS representative to attend your teacher organization to hear directly from them about the issues facing the system. I have made a number of speeches to your groups and enjoy the dialogue.

Traditional Media

Our Connections, Retired Educator and Your Money Matters newsletters are delivered directly to the homes of active and retired members with information important to them.

We will continue to invest a significant amount of energy and focus on these efforts to cultivate an open, transparent environment to help you, our partners and other stakeholders stay informed on issues at this critical time.


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