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September 2015

CalSTRS Outlook provides an email summary of the latest news, updates and other items of interest related to CalSTRS benefits and services.

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It’s All About Diversification: Asset Allocation Unveiled

In this volume of the CalSTRS Outlook eNewsletter, Chief Executive Officer, Jack Ehnes explains the significance of the diversification strategy proposed in the 2015 Asset Allocation Study and what investment changes it could bring.


Inside CalSTRS Investments: Innovation and Risk

Be sure to watch the Inside CalSTRS Investments video conversation with Director of Innovation and Risk, Steven Tong, as he discusses the different types of risk and innovation used to diversify and balance the portfolio.

Ask Jack Jack Ehnes

Ask Jack: What actions have been taken to correct the $73 billion CalSTRS funding gap?

In June of 2014, legislation was enacted to address a projected shortfall in the CalSTRS Defined Benefit Program.  The CalSTRS 2014 Funding Plan enacted in Assembly Bill 1469 sets the Defined Benefit Program on a sustainable course to eliminate the unfunded liability in roughly 30 years. This historic legislation calls for gradual, shared contribution increases from members, employers and the State of California over the next several years beginning July 1, 2014.

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