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February 2016

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New Study: Are California Teachers Better Off With a Pension or a 401(k)?

In this 2016 volume, a new study, Are California Teachers Better Off With a Pension or a 401(k)?, shows that for the vast majority of teachers, the CalSTRS Defined Benefit pension provides a higher, more secure retirement income when compared to a 401(k)-style plan.

The research, conducted by Nari Rhee, PhD, of the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education and William Fornia, FSA, of Pension Trustee Advisors, shows that switching to an account-based retirement system—such as a 401(k) or cash balance plan—would sharply reduce the retirement income security of teachers who account for a large majority of the educational workforce in California.

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Teacher Pensions Help Save Lives

When you think of groundbreaking breast cancer research you might expect to find a group of skilled medical experts and a wealth of scientific analysis. What you might not expect to find is the invaluable role the nation’s largest educator-only defined benefit pension plan played in a gold-standard study such as this.

Ask Jack

Is there a stipulation on going back to work after retirement in a public school setting?

Yes, there are certain restrictions for working after retirement in a public school setting. If you return to work after service retirement in a CalSTRS-covered position, including substitute teaching, as an employee of a public school system, an independent contractor or an employee of a third party, there are restrictions under state and federal law that apply to you.

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