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Volume 4, No. 4

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Pension Loans In The News

Review recent news articles and other published materials on pension or settlement income streams, also known as pension loans. Not all offers are legal, and some contain hidden costs. Individuals who are thinking about selling the rights to their pensions should consider the value of the lump-sum payment compared to the future income stream.

Blog entry Jack Ehnes

What’s your prediction for investment returns over the next 30 years?

If anyone knew the answer to that precisely, they may well be both clairvoyant and very wealthy. In reality, financial experts do seek to understand how the macroeconomic forces underlying our economy will change and how that change affects future market returns.

Ask Jack Jack Ehnes

What is the maximum annually that can be put in a 403(b) right now?

The annual maximum amount than can be contributed during a calendar year to a 403(b) is currently $17,500, plus an additional $5,500 if you are over age 50, for a total potential deferral of $23,000.