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Volume 5, No. 7

CalSTRS Outlook is an email summary of the latest news releases and other items of interest related to CalSTRS benefits and services.

Blog entry Jack Ehnes

A Message for California’s Educators

When we talk about CalSTRS we’re talking about a financial institution that dates back to 1913. Through the years, the fund has endured many difficult times and changes. This last decade has been particularly turbulent for CalSTRS, but we have never lost sight of our mission to provide a secure retirement to California’s educators.

News release Ricardo Duran

CalSTRS Names Lisa Blatnick Chief of Administrative Services
Executive position oversees organizational branch for workforce and process improvement

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. – California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) today announced the promotion of Lisa Blatnick to Chief of Administrative Services, an executive position focused, in part, on attaining business goals outlined in CalSTRS 2014-15 fiscal year business plan. Ms. Blatnick’s position was effective August 1, 2014.

Ask Jack Jack Ehnes

Does CalSTRS provide protection from creditor attachments like federal ERISA plans?

Although CalSTRS is not subject to the anti-assignment rules of ERISA or Internal Revenue Code Section 401 (a)(13), the Teachers’ Retirement Law does provide protection from creditor attachments, or what is referred to as an anti-assignment provision under Section 22006. This section of the law offers an exemption from creditors attempting to seek payment for debt by using a member’s pension benefit as payment.