CalSTRS Outlook

Making Sense of the Headlines
Volume 5, No. 13

CalSTRS Outlook is an email summary of the latest news releases and other items of interest related to CalSTRS benefits and services.

General Information

CalSTRS 2015 Pay Dates

Scheduled benefit payment dates for 2015 are posted to December direct deposit payments are made in January of the following year.

Mailing dates are determined by the State Controller’s Office, the check issuer.

What's New

Board Elections To Be Held In 2015 – Candidate Information

At the September 2014 board meeting, the Teachers’ Retirement Board adopted the 2015 Notice of Election outlining the requirements for the 2015 board election.

Three of the 12 Teachers’ Retirement Board members will be elected by the active membership. CalSTRS will hold the election from October 1, 2015 through November 30, 2015.

Ask Jack Jack Ehnes

If I am a substitute teacher and have no intention of getting my credential, now or in the future, do I still have to contribute to CalSTRS?

As a substitute teacher, you become a member of CalSTRS as early as the first day following the pay period in which you have performed 100 or more days of creditable service during the school year for a single employer (Education Code section 22503). Until passing that threshold, you can only become a member of the CalSTRS Defined Benefit Program by making a voluntary election in writing.

Participation in the CalSTRS Defined Benefit Program for California public school preK-12 teachers, community college instructors and public school administrators is mandatory; part-time educators can choose to become members.