Charter Schools

Charter school retirement at CalSTRS


Charter schools

The California Legislature enacted the Charter Schools Act of 1992 to authorize the establishment of charter schools pursuant to California Education Code Sections 47600 through 47663.

Charter schools are created via charter petitions initiated by teachers, parents, community leaders or community-based organization. Providing instruction in any of grades K-12, these non-profit public schools are a specialized program intended to serve the needs of California’s diverse students.

Charter schools electing CalSTRS retirement coverage

The current law allows charter schools the option of retirement coverage by the State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS), the Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS), or federal social security (SSA).

Charter schools electing CalSTRS are subject to Teachers’ Retirement Law in the same manner as the regular school districts.

CalSTRS retirement benefit provides retirement, disability and survivor benefits for full-time and part-time California public school educators through a hybrid retirement system consisting of the following:

To be eligible to participate in CalSTRS retirement programs, a charter school must meet all of the following:

  • Charter school is a California non-profit public charter school.
  • Charter school has a valid charter petition approved by a local school district governing board.
  • Charter school has a Charter Number assigned by the California State Board of Education.
  • Charter school has a County-District-School (CDS) Code assigned by the California Department of Education.

Charter school application for CalSTRS activation

A charter school electing the option to offer CalSTRS retirement program must apply for CalSTRS activation. CalSTRS activation requires valid and executed documentation including but not limited to the following:

  • CalSTRS Activation Packet ES1796.
  • Governing Board Minutes, Official Memorandum or Resolutions adopting the following:
    • Charter Petition.
    • Memorandum of Understanding.
    • CalSTRS Activation Application.
  • Electronic copy of Charter Petition, Memorandum of Understanding, Board Approved Resolutions.
  • Proof of Registration to the California Department of Education – Application or notice for a CDS Code.

California Education Code laws for charter schools

California Department of Education

Additional information about California charter schools are available at the California Department of Education website. Explore the following quick links for overview.

  • Administrative Functions – Direction on administrative functions such as charter numbering, renewals, closures and the annual information update.
  • Laws, Regulations, and Policies – State and federal legislation, laws and regulations, and policy guidance for charter schools.
  • FAQs About Charter Schools – Questions commonly asked about charter schools.
  • Charter School Locator – Tools for locating California charter schools, including a map search and a searchable directory. Provides basic charter information, as well as directory information.

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