Commitments and Practices

Commitments and practices


CalSTRS business and investment decisions consider environmental, social and governance implications, also referred to as ESG issues.

CalSTRS is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment, was part of the UN Global Compact expert working group Investment in Conflict Areas, and is a founding member of the Conflict Risk Network. The Teachers’ Retirement Board also endorses the Principles for Responsible Investment. More than 20 years ago, CalSTRS developed a Statement of Investment Responsibility to help define the role of sustainable investment decisions.

Consistent with its fiduciary responsibilities to CalSTRS members, The Teachers’ Retirement Board has a social and ethical obligation to require that the corporations and entities in which securities are held meet a high standard of conduct and strive for sustainability in their operations. As an active owner, CalSTRS incorporates PRI and other ESG principles into its investment policies and practices. The links below provide an overview of our relevant policies and practices.

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Environmental operations

CalSTRS West Sacramento headquarters maintains a LEED® Platinum certification. Energy efficient building features and employee-based environmental programs help us strengthen our communities and advance environmental responsibility.


Organizational culture

We believe sustainable actions should take place at every level of the organization to support the long-term nature of our mission. CalSTRS values our employees as active partners in our efforts.


Stakeholder engagement

Ongoing, collaborative stakeholder engagement is vital to our business operations and sustainability practices. CalSTRS defines stakeholders as any of the following who either directly or indirectly affect or may be affected by the activities of CalSTRS:

  • Members
  • Member organizations
  • Employees
  • Policymakers
  • Governmental agencies
  • Companies
  • Business organizations

Our stakeholders offer important and influential voices in the financial and business operations of CalSTRS. We consider the dialogue obtained from engagement with our stakeholders as necessary to strengthen our business operations.


Sustainable investment practices

CalSTRS is an active participant in a variety of investor related organizations that are focused on sustainable issues, including Ceres and the Investor Network on Climate Risk.

Our commitment to be an active investor organization fosters our duty to protect and grow the assets that educators have entrusted to us. Accomplishing that means being good stewards of the businesses we invest in; with assurance they too are focused on risks that could impact their long-term value.