Doing Business with CalSTRS

Doing Business with CalSTRS


Thank you for your interest in doing business with CalSTRS. We are committed to socially and environmentally responsible business practices and acquire goods and services in the best interest of CalSTRS, its members and beneficiaries. CalSTRS’ competitive purchasing process follows State of California laws.

Business opportunities will be posted here on this site, solicited directly or advertised with Cal eProcure. We invite you to review advertised opportunities and purchasing methods. Questions regarding solicitation methods or business opportunities can be directed to or 916-414-4880.

General Information

Register Your Business with CalSTRS

Vendors interested in submitting bids or responses to CalSTRS business opportunities are encouraged to register in our online accounting system, the Supplier Self-Service Portal (SUS).

Registration in the SUS portal allows CalSTRS to establish a contract, purchase order and to schedule payments.

Please contact Partners at to request a registration form and instructions. Read more about the registration process in our FAQ.

General Information

Solicitation/Purchasing Methods

CalSTRS uses various approaches to solicit and procure products and services. The type, scale and complexity of the required products or services determine the process used.


Supplier Self-Service Portal

CalSTRS would like the invoicing and payment process to be as seamless and easy as possible. With CalSTRS’ web-based Supplier Self-Service Portal, registered business partners can: 

  • View electronic purchase orders.
  • Electronically submit invoices for payment.
  • Create accounts for multiple users to access the portal.

To register as a business partner, or if you have questions about registering as a business partner with CalSTRS, contact us at or 916-414-4855.