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EIC21-5 Volume 37 Issue 5

When to report employee training to CalSTRS

June 11, 2021

Throughout the course of a school year, employees may be required or offered an opportunity to participate in different types of training classes and programs. There may also be employees hired by an employer to provide training classes and programs to other personnel. When determining if and how the compensation paid for performing these activities should be reported to CalSTRS, it is important to establish whether the compensation is paid in accordance with the definition of “creditable compensation” and the creditable compensation regulations.

This Employer Circular does not take precedence over the law; it is meant to clarify when employers should report employee training to CalSTRS.

Employer Information Circulars [EIC] are sent to school district and community college employers as informal guidance that provides immediate information on a single topic.

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This document is a Resource that interprets and clarifies the applicability of creditable compensation and creditable service laws. Learn more about Employer Resources.