ED14-02 Interest and Contribution Rates and Present Value Factor for Fiscal Year 2014-15
(Supersedes Employer Directives 2013-03 and 2013-05)

Employer Directive

The purpose of this directive is to communicate the following rates and present value factor as adopted by the Teachers’ Retirement Board:

  • Employer and Member Contribution Rates – Defined Benefit Program
  • Regular Interest Rate – Defined Benefit Program
  • Credited Interest Rate – Defined Benefit Program
  • Minimum Interest Rate – Cash Balance Benefit Program and Defined Benefit Supplement Program
  • Penalties and Interest Rate – Defined Benefit Program and Cash Balance Program
  • Permissive Service Credit Contribution Rate – Defined Benefit Program
  • Employer Contribution Rate for Elected Officials of Employee Organizations
  • Employer Contribution Rate for Reduced Workload Program
  • Present Value Factor for Unused Excess Sick Leave Service Credit


Employer Directives [ED] convey legal requirements and prohibitions and document CalSTRS policy for school district and community college employers.

For an accessible version of this directive, contact ADACoordinator@CalSTRS.com.