The Value of Engagements

Corporate engagement is one of the key tools CalSTRS uses to influence change in the marketplace.

Each year, Corporate Governance staff, under direction from the Teachers’ Retirement Board, determines key issues to engage portfolio companies on over the next fiscal year. Each issue must be consistent with the CalSTRS Corporate Governance Program and Portfolio Policy and CalSTRS Investment Policy for Mitigating Environmental, Social and Governance Risks.

CalSTRS prefers engagement over divestment as it upholds our rights as a shareholder and allows us to discuss issues with companies that impact the long-term value of the fund. The board will consider divestment as a last resort, but only after pursuing engagement and conducting careful financial analysis.



Corporate governance means being good stewards of our beneficiaries’ capital-protecting and growing our investments.

In addition to engaging companies, we comment on regulatory policy and legislation.


News Releases

CalSTRS regularly issues news releases covering its stance on a variety of corporate governance issues.