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August 2012

... AB 178 Working After Retirement Employer ...

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Working While Receiving a Disability Benefit

If you return to any work after you’re approved for a disability benefit, your benefit will be ... earnings limit subject to change by the Teachers’ Retirement Board. Your CalSTRS disability benefit will be reduced dollar for ...

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Deciding When to Retire

... you must have performed at least one year of service after the most recent refund. Retiring from More Than One Public Retirement System If you are at least age 55 and eligible to retire from ...

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1992 State Legislation

... 63; and 2.5% at age 65 for STRS members retiring after 6/30/93 with 20 or more years of service credit and whose ... The Governor was not in favor of enhancing a retirement benefit with resources that could otherwise be provided for ...

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Comprehensive Funding Strategy – History of Board Discussions About the Unfunded Actuarial Obligation (Funding Gap)

The Teachers’ Retirement Board began exploring the unfunded actuarial obligation—the gap ... period used to measure funding status Working with the state to issue pension obligation bonds ... expectations in the future. In December 2010, after extensive research and deliberation, the board lowered the DB Program ...

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1996 State Legislation

... to the Revenue and Taxation Code that “qualified retirement income” from sources within CA are excluded from the gross ... who is 50 years of age or older to retire on or after 7/1/96 with full retirement benefits if the member’s age plus ...

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