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Healthy Short-Term Returns Are Not Enough to Cure Chronic Underfunding

... rates have decreased since 1997. Because the Teachers’ Retirement Board does not have the authority to adjust contributions, CalSTRS ... adjustment to their benefit, but I am not one of them. After working for 34 years in education, contributing to my own retirement, and ...

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An Engaged Conversation on Divestment

... for 36+ years, I remember in my early career that our retirement funds were invested in interests in South Africa. And, I'm not sure if that was before or after we joined the CalSTRS system. All I remember is that there was an ...

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CalSTRS expands reporting on climate risk management

... (December 31, 2019)–The California State Teachers’ Retirement System released its latest Green Initiative Task Force ... aligns with their fiduciary responsibility. CalSTRS is working with the Department of Finance to develop the framework. About ... Social Security participation. Members retire on average after more than 25 years in the classroom with a monthly benefit of ...

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Assumptions Adjustments May Impact Members

... You have likely heard or read here that the Teachers’ Retirement Board has lowered several long-term actuarial assumptions , ... act to adopt a responsible funding solution. After months of thoughtful analysis and discussion, the board exercised its ...

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Legislation Stabilizes CalSTRS Funding
Legislation Stabilizes CalSTRS Funding

... of the Defined Benefit Program,” said Teachers’ Retirement Board Chair Harry Keiley. “Educators in California do not ... increases for CalSTRS members hired after January 1, 2013, who are subject to the provisions of PEPRA, will be ... 1.205 percent. CalSTRS members who were actively working on or after January 1, 2014, will receive a guarantee of the existing ...

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CalSTRS Works to Show the True Facts About Public Educators’ Service and Pay

... and fully earn the pensions they receive. The CalSTRS retirement average is a pension of $37,968 after more than 26 years of service at nearly 61 years of age. For more about ...

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