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Cash Balance Benefit Program

... for all new employees hired to work less than half-time after July 1, 1996? No, employers may offer whatever choice of plans ... Rollovers Can I roll over money from other retirement plans to the Cash Balance Benefit Program? Yes, as long as ...

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Purchase of Foreign School Service Credit

... Credit, submit a completed form for each former foreign retirement system or foreign school employer. What needs to be ... to my retirement date and then obtain the verification after my retirement date? Yes. You must request to purchase service ...

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Financing the Purchase of Service Credit or a Redeposit

... can begin making payroll deduction installment payments. After you complete your rollover(s), you will receive a billing statement ... interest rate is set each fiscal year by the Teachers’ Retirement Board. Purchasing Service Credit Can my employer ...

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... Program participants that is granted by the Teachers’ Retirement Board when investment earnings exceed what is necessary to meet the ... increases to a maximum 2.4 percent at age 63 if you retire after age 60. For example, if you retire at age 60 and have 20 years of ...

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Retirement Incentive Program

The Retirement Incentive Program is a program provided by employers that would ... offer the old two-year service credit retirement incentive after January 1, 2004? Any Defined Benefit Program member who retires on ... years to any employment, including substitute teaching, working as a teacher’s aide or working as an employee of a third party ...

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