Additional CalSTRS Pension2SM Investment Choices

General Information

Bringing You a Larger World of Investment Choices

A TIAA-CREF Brokerage Services account greatly expands the range of investments available to you. You will have access to more than 800 no-transaction-fee (NTF) mutual funds from the Pershing NTF platform in addition to thousands of transaction-fee (TF) funds.

Enrollment & Functionality

Opening a Brokerage Services account is initiated with your first transfer of CalSTRS Pension2SM personal wealth plan assets to TIAA-CREF Brokerage Services. Your initial Brokerage Services investment must be a minimum of $5,000. Subsequent investments in your Brokerage Services account must be a minimum of $1,000. You may transfer up to 50% of your CalSTRS Pension2SM personal wealth plan account accumulations to any of the investments available through your Brokerage Services account. You can do this yourself using the Secure Access website. Or, you can call TIAA-CREF to have a Consultant assist you. You can manage trades within your Brokerage Services account online using the Brokerage Services website, by phone by contacting a Consultant, or by calling the Automated Telephone System (ATS). You’ll need to contact a Consultant to transfer assets from your Brokerage Services account back to your CalSTRS Pension2SM personal wealth plan.


Standard commissions apply to trades placed in your TIAA-CREF Brokerage Services account. An annual account fee of $40 is paid in quarterly installments of $10. For no-transaction-fee funds, a short-term redemption fee of $50 is applied for shares held less than six months. There is no fee associated with dollar cost averaging transactions; however the minimum transaction amount is $100.

For More Information

You can find more information about Brokerage Services by calling a Pension2 Consultant toll free at 888 556-2950. Keep in mind that brokerage accounts are not for everyone. You should evaluate your investment time horizon, tolerance for assuming risk and level of control you want over your asset allocations when considering a brokerage account.