About CalSTRS

General Information

Our Mission: Securing the financial future and sustaining the trust of California’s educators.

CalSTRS, the California State Teachers’ Retirement System, is the largest teachers’ retirement system and second largest public pension fund in the nation. A world-class financial services institution and state agency, our unique organizational culture emphasizes customer service, leadership and respect for our members and our colleagues.

CalSTRS provides retirement, disability and survivor benefits to California’s more than 949,000 public school educators and their families.

Our core values

The CalSTRS Core Values are a set of attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that define CalSTRS and its employees.

  • Customer Service
    We never compromise on quality as we strive to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • Accountability
    We operate with transparency and accept responsibility for our actions.
  • Leadership
    We model best practices in our industry and innovate to achieve higher standards.
  • Strength
    We ensure the strength of our system by embracing a diversity of ideas and people.
  • Trust
    We conduct ourselves with integrity, acting ethically in every endeavor.
  • Respect
    We respect the needs of our members, co-workers, and others, treating everyone with fairness, honesty, and courtesy.
  • Stewardship
    We recognize our fiduciary responsibility as the foundation for all decision-making.

What sets us apart

CalSTRS strives to be an employer of choice. We provide an environment that cultivates new ideas and promotes employee success, including:

  • Robust training and development program.
  • High internal promotion rates.
  • Award-winning staff recognition program.
  • Wellness program and ergonomic support for employees.
  • Dedicated workers and accessible leadership.
  • High level of staff engagement.

Commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is central to CalSTRS’ culture. Our sustainability program encompasses resource conservation in the workplace and supply chain, employee engagement, and responsible investment practices.

Commitment to diversity

We are diverse. We span generations. We come from all areas of the globe. We excel because of our united talents.

CalSTRS is committed to providing a workplace in which all individuals are treated with respect and professionalism. By designing and implementing a sustainable, respectful culture at CalSTRS, employee engagement is promoted through a safe work environment where ideas are heard and backgrounds are honored.

Diversity is built into the very fabric of our culture and has connections to all of our Core Values, and is explicitly supported in our Strength Core Value: We ensure the strength of our system by embracing a diversity of ideas and people.

CalSTRS locations

CalSTRS’ award-winning, LEED Platinum headquarters in West Sacramento and member service centers located across the state feature sustainable “green” construction, plenty of natural lighting and functionally designed work spaces.

West Sacramento headquarters

At our headquarters, enjoy our full service café, covered parking garage, free onsite fitness center, bicycle library, and walks along the river front.

Offices throughout California

In addition to CalSTRS headquarters in West Sacramento, we also have three member service centers in Glendale, Santa Clara and Irvine.