CalSTRS Business Partner Supplier Self-Service Portal Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Note: Nothing in these FAQs is intended nor shall be construed as modifying or altering the terms of your agreement(s) with CalSTRS.

What is the SUS Portal used for?

In the SUS Portal, you can view electronic purchase orders (POs), electronically submit invoices for those POs, and create accounts for multiple users to access the SUS Portal.

Are vendors required to invoice through the SUS Portal?

No, the appropriate invoicing method should be worked out between vendors and their CalSTRS’ Business Contract Manager or Liaison where goods or services are provided.

Where can I get assistance if I’m having trouble logging into the SUS Portal?

Email Partners staff at or contact us at 916-414-4855. 

I received an email notification with a link to the following log in screen but when I attempted to log in I received an error. Why?

“Dear Supplier, the following document has been attached to your CalSTRS Supplier Portal profile:”


If you haven’t previously created a unique User ID and password, you won’t be able to log in. If you need assistance, email us at or contact us at 916-414-4855.

Does the SUS Portal allow me to view business opportunities at CalSTRS?

No, for more information on business opportunities see Business Partnership Opportunities.

If invoicing through the SUS Portal, can I include attachments?

No, any additional documentation must be sent to the Business Contract Manager or Liaison where goods or services are provided.

What other options are available for submitting invoices to CalSTRS?

In addition to the SUS Portal, you may submit invoices to CalSTRS as follows:

  • Email invoice to CalSTRS’ Facilities Mail & Imaging Services (FMIS Corporate Imaging) at:
  • Mail invoice to:

    P.O. Box 15275, MS 24
    Sacramento, CA 95851-0275

Can I see the total balance of my POs in SUS even if I invoiced previously using one of the manual invoicing methods?

No, you must continue to track the running balance manually as the pending invoiced amount, in the SUS Portal, is only reflective of invoices submitted via the SUS Portal.

We have a fully executed Standard Agreement (Service) with CalSTRS, so why was I notified I have a PO in the SUS Portal? What is the PO for?

The electronic PO is necessary for CalSTRS to be able to process payments. Vendors can use the electronic PO to submit an invoice, if they choose to invoice electronically via the SUS Portal.

Note: There is no fully signed PO for Standard Agreements (Service).

How do we view or save signed POs?

You can view or save a signed PO in the SUS Portal by performing the following:

  • Log into the SUS Portal with your unique User ID and Password credentials.
  • Navigate to the Purchase Order tab.
  • Click on the PO to open the PO detail.
  • Locate the attachment which appears in the Communication and Collaboration section.
  • Click on the attachment’s hyperlink to open the PO document.
  • Indicate whether you want to open or save the attachment.

How do I create an electronic invoice?

You create an invoice by converting the electronic PO in the Portal. This information is located in training videos and eLearning modules on  Supplier Self-Service Portal eLearning.

I realized an invoicing error was made in the SUS Portal after I clicked “Send”. How can I correct this?

You must create a credit memo in the SUS Portal to zero out the invoice. You must first issue a credit memo before submitting a new invoice.

How do I view my invoice before sending it to CalSTRS?

To view your invoice in the SUS Portal:

  • While on the Purchase Order tab, select the Create Invoice icon.
  • Check the quantity to ensure it’s the appropriate amount you want to invoice for.
  • Select the Print icon to view a PDF of your invoice.
  • You will be prompted to select if you want to open or save the document.
  • Once you deem the invoice is accurate, you must click on the Send icon to send the electronic invoice to CalSTRS.

Be sure to ensure you save a copy of the electronic invoice after you’ve sent it to CalSTRS.

The address on the electronic invoice I created in the SUS Portal is not our remittance address, how do I change it?

If your business address is different from your payee remittance address, you must invoice using an alternative method, FMIS Corporate Imaging or U.S. Mail.

All invoices submitted via the SUS Portal will be defaulted to your business address on file. CalSTRS is not responsible for any delayed or missed payments due to incorrect addresses or address changes.

Where else can I find more information about the SUS Portal?

Additional information is located on in the Supplier Self-Service Portal section.

Here you can locate eLearning modules and training videos to learn basic features of the portal.