Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

General Information

If you are a member, other than a retired member, you may elect to purchase service credit that you would have earned while on an employer-approved leave that was approved per the Family and Medical Leave Act (for leaves taken after January 1, 1992).


CalSTRS requires documentation from the employer verifying the leave. This documentation must come in one of the following two formats and must be completed/signed by a school or district official:

  • Completion of the CalSTRS Verification for Employer-Approved Leaves (SC1553) form.
  • Documentation on school or district letterhead stating:
    • The dates of the leave.
    • Verification that the leave was approved as FMLA per the Family and Medical Leave Act guidelines.

Maximum allowable credit for time spent on FMLA leave is 12 weeks in any 12-month period.

Additional Information

FMLA service credit can be used toward meeting eligibility requirements for all CalSTRS benefit enhancements.