New to state service: Non-represented

General Information

As part of the hiring process, you will need to read and sign a number of documents. Please review the documents listed below for newly hired non-represented employees new to state service

  • Email completed documents to the Pay and Position Control inbox ( upon completion.
  • During your first week of employment, you will meet with a personnel specialist who will receive the documents and answer any outstanding questions.

For accessible versions of files on this page, contact

New to state employee appointment documents

Electronically sign and print to PDF

Employee Action Request (STD 686)
Print page 1 of this two-page document.

Request for Nondisclosure of Employee Home Address (STD 677)

CalSTRS Employee Emergency Contact Information (AD-1894)

State Employee Race/Ethnicity Questionnaire (CalHR 1070)

Military Service Information (CalHR-190)

Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicles on State Business (STD 261)

Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9)
Print all pages of this four-page document.

Member Reciprocal Self-Certification Form (PERS-EAMD-801)
Print page 3 of this five-page document.

Designation of Person(s) Authorized to Receive Warrants (STD 243)

Prior Exempt Service Questionnaire (CalHR-004)
Print page 1 of this two-page document.

Oath of Allegiance and Declaration of Permission to Work for Persons Employed by the State of California (STD 689)

Annual Leave-Sick Leave/Vacation Election Form

Direct Deposit Enrollment Authorization (STD 699)
Print page 1 of this two-page document.

State Miscellaneous & Industrial Members Second Tier Benefit Election Package (PUB 52)
Print and sign page 1, Receipt of Retirement Information Acknowledgement.

For your reference

Vacation vs. annual leave comparison chart

State Pay Period Calendar for 2021-2022

CalSTRS policies and acknowledgement documents

Print and sign

Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure and Acceptable Use Agreement (ISO 1949)

CalSTRS Incompatible Activities Acknowledgement (AD-150)

CalSTRS Policy Prohibiting Insider Trading Acknowledgement (Form 600C)

Electronically sign and print to PDF

Employee Relationship Acknowledgement

Policy and Information on Health and Dental Benefits Acknowledgement

For your reference

CalSTRS Employee Relationship Policy

CalSTRS Zero Tolerance for Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

CalSTRS Physical Security & Emergency Management

Internet Usage Policy

CalSTRS Sexual Harassment Policy

CalSTRS Family Medical Leave Act and California Family Rights Act

CalSTRS Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Information on Rights of Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault or Stalking

New to state employee benefits information and applicable enrollment forms

Electronically sign and print to PDF

Health Benefits Plan Enrollment for Active Employees (HBD-12)
Print pages 1 and 2 of this three-page document.

Dental Plan Enrollment Authorization (STD 692)
Print page 1 of this two-page document.

Premier Vision Plan Enrollment Authorization (CalHR 774)
Print page 1 of this two-page document.

Dependent Eligibility Verification Checklist

For your reference

CalPERS Health Program Guide

CalPERS Health Benefit Summary

2021 Dental Handbook

Vision Service Plan

Vision Care Plan Disclosure Statement and Evidence of Coverage

Flex Elect Program Handbook

Savings Plus Program 401K/457 Plan Highlights

New Employee’s Guide to Workers’ Compensation

State of California’s Employee Assistance Program

The State of California’s Employee Assistance Program Supervisor Handbook

Consolidated Benefits Program Handbook

Legal Services Plan

Basic Group Term Life Insurance

Group Long-Term Disability Insurance