Nonmember Service

General Information

If you are a member, other than a retired member, you may elect to purchase all or a portion of part-time or substitute service performed in the California public school system prior to becoming a member of CalSTRS.


CalSTRS must verify all nonmember service reported through your employer(s).

You must be a member of CalSTRS to purchase nonmember service credit.

Service credit cannot be purchased if you have received, or are eligible to receive, credit for this service in another public retirement system.

Additional Information

Nonmember service credit can be used toward meeting eligibility requirements for all CalSTRS benefit enhancements.

Typically, for nonmember service, service credit is calculated using the following formulas:

  • If you are employed on a daily basis: 175 days = one year
  • If you are employed on an hourly basis: 1,050 hours = one year (175 days X 6 hours = 1,050 hours).