Out-of-State Teaching

General Information

If you are a member, other than a retired member, you may elect to purchase all or a portion of out-of-state service credit performed in a public education position in another state or U.S. territory, or offered by the U.S. for its citizens.


To purchase out-of-state service credit, you must submit a completed Out-of-State Service Credit Certification form (OSSC304) for each former retirement system, or for each former employer if you were not a member of a public retirement system while serving in a public education position. The completed form must include the proper certification from your former retirement system(s), former employer(s), or both, where applicable.

If you were a member of another public retirement system, they must verify that you have forfeited or agree to forfeit all rights to benefits in their system, excluding Social Security. This service credit cannot be purchased if you are currently receiving a benefit for the same service.

If the retirement system cannot verify the amount of service credit you earned while being a member of their system, additional information will be required from your former employer(s).

If you were not a member of a public retirement system while performing service in a public education position, your former employer(s) must document and certify your employment history.

Once you receive the completed certification forms for all employment outside of California you wish to purchase, forward the forms to CalSTRS. The cost of the service credit will be based on the date CalSTRS receives all necessary information to complete the cost calculation.

If you decide to initiate the purchase process around the time of your retirement, notify CalSTRS prior to you retirement date that you are seeking your out-of-state employer information. Failure to notify CalSTRS will result in denial to purchase as the information could be received after your retirement date.

Additional Information

Out-of-state service credit can be used toward meeting eligibility requirements for CalSTRS benefit enhancements.

You may purchase out-of-state service credit toward vesting with CalSTRS, but the compensation you earned in that out-of-state service will not be used to calculate final compensation at the time of your retirement.

Out-of-state service cannot be used toward vesting and meeting the eligibility requirements for the CalSTRS disability program.