State Teachers Retirement System – Definitions
Minimum Standards for Full-time Service

General Information
Education Code Section Term Definition
Section 22106.5 Basis of Employment The standard of time over which the employer expects service to be performed by an employee in the position during the school year.
Section 22106.5 Full-Time Basis A basis of employment that is “full time,” as defined pursuant to Section 22138.5.
Section 22106.5 Part-Time Basis. A basis of employment that is less than “full-time,” as defined pursuant to Section 22138.5 (would include daily substitute service in K-12).
Section 22112.5 Class of Employees

A number of employees considered as a group because they are employed to perform similar duties, are employed in the same type of program, or share other similarities related to the nature of the work being performed.

NOTE: In no event may one employee be considered a class or group.

Section 22115 Compensation Earnable The annual compensation that a person would earn if he or she were employed on a full-time basis and worked full time in that position.
Section 22138.5 Full-Time

The days or hours of creditable service the employer require to be performed by a class of employees in a school year in order to earn the compensation earnable as defined in Section 22115 and specified under the terms of a collective bargaining agreement or employment agreement.

NOTE: For purposes of crediting service, “full-time” shall not be less than the minimum standards specified in Section 22138.5.

Section 22138.6 Full-Time Equivalent The time that a person who is employed on a part-time basis would be required to serve in a school year if he or she were if he or she were employed full-time in that position.
Section 22175 Teaching Units The instructional workload component of a community college instructor’s full-time assignment, which may also be expressed by community college districts in other terms including, but not limited to, “lecture hour equivalents”, “academic units”, “load hours”, or “load units”.

NOTE: A full-time equivalent (FTE) must be established for each hourly or daily part-time and substitute position for which member service is reported on or after July 1, 1996. The FTE must not be less than the minimum standard for the applicable class of employees as specified under the provisions of Section 22138.5.