Total Assets Over Time

General Information
Graph showing growth in total investments from $55,481 in 1995 to $118,875 in 2009

The CalSTRS investment portfolio is designed to perform best in a period of positive economic growth. It is also designed, through diversification, to hold value during economic slowdowns.

In fall 2008, the global economy and financial markets suffered a severe downturn. The investment portfolio was not immune from the severe downturn, which has happened just once in an 80-year period. As a result, the portfolio experienced its worst performance in CalSTRS history.


Between 2002 and 2007, the CalSTRS investment portfolio placed in the top quartile of public pensions in the U.S., an unprecedented streak for CalSTRS and any fund. During the financial crisis, the performance fell relative to peers.

For detailed information about each of the CalSTRS asset classes, see the Investments section of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.