Why Choose CalSTRS?

General Information

Planning for the future doesn’t have to be complicated. At CalSTRS, we already ensure that your defined benefit (DB) pension is safe and well managed. Now you can leverage our 90-plus-year track record with your supplemental income contributions through CalSTRS Pension2SM personal wealth plan.

CalSTRS Pension2SM personal wealth plan complements your defined benefit pension plan. Here’s why:

  • Trusted guide. We are the leading U.S. public pension fund serving public school educators. We provide benefits to nearly 800,000 members and their families. We work with over 1,000 school districts, community college districts and county offices of education throughout the state. Our investment performance and member services are recognized for their national leadership.
  • Choices that match your goals. CalSTRS Pension2SM gives you choices: The CalSTRS Easy Choice Portfolios designed by CalSTRS take into account your tolerance for risk and your plans for future retirement; or you can build your own portfolio with funds that have been carefully selected by CalSTRS investment professionals.
  • Low cost.* CalSTRS is committed to keeping costs low, with reduced fees and expenses. You will never have to guess about the fee structure of what you purchase.

*NOTE: To cover the costs of administering investments, you will be charged an annual fee totaling 0.33% of assets you hold in any of the non-TIAA-CREF mutual funds available in your plan. This fee, which may be reduced by other arrangements with the individual fund manager(s), will be divided by TIAA-CREF (0.25%) and CalSTRS (0.08%) to cover their respective expenses. It will be deducted from your account in quarterly installments and appear on your quarterly account statements as sales of shares of the fund(s) you hold.