General Information

Your CalSTRS retirement benefit is a healthy start to funding your future. But did you know that the median CalSTRS benefit replaces about 50 to 60 percent of a member’s salary? You’ll need to close any gap between your retirement goal and your retirement benefit with personal savings and investments.

That’s why we created our three Financial Awareness workshops.

We invite you to join your peers in learning how to make smart financial decisions today so you’ll be able to enjoy your future. All workshops are about two hours, with dates and locations across the state.

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Save for Your Future

In this workshop you will:

  • Discover how you’re spending your money now and different ways to create a budget.
  • Explore your choices for savings and investing.
  • Understand your credit score and your credit report.
  • Get tips on how to manage credit and debt.
Date Location Registration Link
January 7, 2020 Riverside REGISTER
January 8, 2020 Fresno REGISTER
January 11, 2020 Norco REGISTER
January 14, 2020 Glendale REGISTER
January 15, 2020 San Diego REGISTER
January 21, 2020 Irvine REGISTER

Plan for Your Future

In this workshop you will:

  • Create an action plan for your retirement.
  • Estimate your monthly retirement income and expenses.
  • Learn about retirement obstacles.
Date Location Registration Link
January 7, 2020 Santa Clara REGISTER
January 7, 2020 Irvine REGISTER
January 16, 2020 Riverside REGISTER
January 27, 2020 West Sacramento REGISTER

Protect Your Future

In this workshop you will:

  • Look at your guaranteed and nonguaranteed income sources.
  • Explore ways to reduce the risks of underestimating expenses.
  • Learn ways to maximize and protect your income in retirement.
  • Get a guide to choosing a financial professional.
Date Location Registration Link
January 21, 2020 Riverside REGISTER
January 21, 2020 Glendale REGISTER