EIC98-5 Volume 14 Issue 5
Staff Development Days

Information Circular

Senate Bill 1193 (Peace) was recently enacted as Chapter 313. This bill authorizes the Superintendent of Public Instruction to provide a staff development allowance of $270 per day for up to three days for each certificated teacher who participates in staff development on instructional methods. Similar provisions are included for charter schools.

The State Teachers’ Retirement System (STRS) has determined that compensation paid pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 313 to members may be considered creditable compensation as defined Section 22119.2 of the Education Code, provided all of the following exist:

  1. Attendance at staff development days is mandatory for everyone in the class of employees;
  2. The employer includes staff development days in the determination of full-time equivalent (base days) for the class of employees;
  3. The compensation paid for staff development days is made to everyone in the class of employees, in the same dollar amount or the same percentage of salary.

Pursuant to your standard procedures regarding the determination of creditable compensation, employers are asked to contact their STRS Reporting Section Technician to obtain prior written approval that the compensation for staff development days is in fact creditable compensation.

Employer Information Circulars [EIC] are sent to school district and community college employers as informal guidance that provides immediate information on a single topic.

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