Investing in a Time of Climate Change Study

Investing in a Time of Climate Change Study


To gain better insight into the various investment implications presented by climate change, CalSTRS collaborated with Mercer and 17 other participants in a research study, Investing in a Time of Climate Change: California State Teachers’ Retirement System Portfolio Climate Change Risk Assessment.  The study highlights estimated portfolio return implications under four climate change scenarios and recommends appropriate actions to mitigate investment risk and maximize value within the portfolio.

Climate change risk is viewed as a material risk assessed across the entire portfolio that could impact current and future investment value. CalSTRS believes that the underlying risk of climate change should be addressed now to capture economic growth opportunities and mitigate long-term risks for the benefit of California’s educators.

The CalSTRS assessment is part of a larger study by Mercer similarly titled, Investing in a Time of Climate Change, which offers a comprehensive approach to manage key downside risks and access opportunities for other investors, asset owners and investment managers. 



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