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Join us for our Part-time Educator Event

June 13 – July 1

Are you unsure about what benefits you have with CalSTRS? Join us for our Part-Time Educator Event to learn what CalSTRS benefits you do have, and how you can supplement your retirement income with CalSTRS Pension2.

Part-time Educator Learn and Discover 

As a part-time educator, you have unique financial planning needs. Attend this webinar to find out the specific resources we offer for part-time CalSTRS members.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate the part-time educator webpage on and identify the most important information you need to know.
  • Use myCalSTRS and your annual Retirement Progress Report to determine which CalSTRS benefit program you pay into or identify what your employer is reporting to CalSTRS.
  • Find the forms to elect a CalSTRS retirement program, consolidate accounts or name a beneficiary.

Be sure to sign in to or register for your myCalSTRS account prior to the webinar and review your account information for accuracy.

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Part-time Educator webinar 

If you want to find out more about the CalSTRS benefits and services you have access to as a part-time educator, this webinar is for you. You'll compare the two benefit programs that may be available to you and determine which program you're currently paying into. You'll learn about ways to increase your retirement income, the importance of supplemental savings and considerations to keep in mind throughout your career. You're helping students build their future, don't forget about yours.

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Additional Income Sources for Part-time Educators 

If you’re a part-time educator and concerned about not having enough retirement savings, consider looking into additional income sources. This online workshop will explore the importance of saving more for retirement with CalSTRS Pension2®, Social Security and other ways to multiply your earnings power, supplement your CalSTRS retirement benefit and create a more secure financial future.

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Part-time Educator Working Multiple Assignments 

If you’re a part-time educator working for more than one employer or in multiple assignments and pay into the CalSTRS Defined Benefit Program, there are special considerations you should think about as you near retirement. This webinar will take an in-depth look at an example of how both service credit and final compensation are calculated and can affect your retirement formula. You’ll also learn steps you can take that could help you maximize your monthly retirement benefit.

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Cash Balance webinar 

The Cash Balance Benefit Program is an alternative CalSTRS retirement plan specifically created for part-time, substitute, adjunct and temporary educators that offers retirement, survivor and disability benefits. To learn more about this risk-free retirement plan, attend this webinar to find out if you’re eligible for the program, how to increase your retirement income, about the importance of supplemental savings and about considerations to keep in mind throughout your career. Join us to discover how this program fits into your retirement picture.

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Consolidation of Benefits webinar 

If you plan to retire under the Defined Benefit Program, the amount of service credit you have at retirement is important for calculating your CalSTRS retirement benefit. Consolidating your Cash Balance Benefit and your Defined Benefit service credit may help increase the monthly benefit you'll receive when you retire. Find out if consolidating your benefits is right for you, and the process to do so, by attending this webinar.

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Start Saving Now with Pension2 – Part-time Educator 

If you’re like the average part-time educator, you’ll likely receive approximately 38% of your final salary as your CalSTRS retirement benefit. Financial experts suggest replacing 80% to 90% of your salary in order to retire comfortably. Due to this gap, you’ll need to save additional money for retirement. In this webinar, you’ll learn about CalSTRS Pension2, a supplemental savings plan to help you meet your retirement income goals. You’ll understand how valuable saving even a little money today can benefit you by the time you retire. Plus, you’ll learn how to compare Pension2 to the other plans your employer offers. Our goal is to help you achieve a comfortable retirement. Saving with Pension2 is a large piece of that puzzle.

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