Learn About Pension2

Learn about Pension2


You’re already off to a great start to your secure future with your CalSTRS retirement benefit. Next you’ll likely need personal savings and investments. 

Pension2, the CalSTRS voluntary supplemental savings plan, offers 403(b), 457(b), Roth 403(b) and Roth 457(b) plans with low costs and flexible investment options. It’s designed to fill the gap between your CalSTRS retirement benefit and the income you’d like to have in retirement.

Ready to open your Pension2 account?

Step 1: Create your Pension2 account. Enroll online at Pension2.com or call 888-394-2060.

Step 2: Determine how much you want to invest. See the “What If” and “Why Wait” online savings calculators at Pension2.com. Consider investing the 6.2 percent of your monthly salary that would have gone to Social Security.

Step 3: Complete your district’s Salary Reduction Agreement, available from your payroll office or at 403bCompare.com (select Find Employer, then look for the link on your district’s page).



Don’t just take our word for it, compare Pension2 against your district’s other 403(b) plans and see how much you may be able to save by choosing CalSTRS. 403bCompare.com gives you an easy and transparent way to compare investment fees, performance and services for the 403(b) products your district offers.