Medicare Premium Payment Program

Medicare Premium Payment Program Overview


The CalSTRS Medicare Premium Payment Program, which pays Medicare Part A hospital insurance premiums for certain eligible retired members, is not being offered to members with a most recent retirement effective date on or after July 1, 2012. Your most recent retirement date is used to determine eligibility.

If you started CalSTRS-covered employment before April 1, 1986, you were not initially subject to the Medicare tax. If you switched employers after that date, or if your employer held a Medicare Division election and you voted “yes,” you began paying the Medicare tax. If you or your spouse paid the Medicare tax for 10 or more years, you most likely qualify for premium-free Medicare Part A on your own.

Visit Medicare and Social Security websites for detailed information on the services and programs they offer.

General Information


  • Review eligibility requirements
  • Determine if your employer held a Medicare Division