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New Educator Event

August 22–26, 2022

Do you know you have a defined benefit that can provide a monthly income for the rest of your life?

Learn more about your CalSTRS benefits during our New Educator Event, designed specifically for new educators.

Early Career: Learn and Discover 

Now that you’ve begun your career as a California educator, it’s a good time to start learning about, and saving for, retirement. As a CalSTRS member, you have access to valuable tools and resources, including this webinar, designed specifically for early career educators.

Join us to learn about:

  • Your retirement benefits, including survivor and disability benefits.
  • Why it’s important to check your Retirement Progress Report each year.
  • Eligible service and how to purchase service credit.

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My Retirement System 

This online workshop provides an overview of the CalSTRS hybrid retirement system, your survivor and disability benefits, how your benefit will be calculated, ways you can increase your benefit and other CalSTRS resources available to you. Learn more about this first step in your life journey with CalSTRS.

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Save for your Future 

A spending plan gives you control of your money, keeps you focused on your financial goals, and helps you organize your expenses, debt and savings. Spend an hour and a half learning the strategies financial planners use to get their clients on the right financial path.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to create a spending plan, understand your credit report, build and keep good credit, and manage your debt. You’ll also get worksheets, strategies for creating a spending plan, and more.

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Start Saving Now With Pension2 

Saving for retirement may seem far from your mind right now, but supplemental savings are essential to ensuring you have enough money to retire comfortably. Due to compound interest, saving earlier in your career is far more valuable than saving later. The CalSTRS Pension2® program works in tandem with your Defined Benefit Program and Defined Benefit Supplement accounts. Join this online workshop to see why saving now with Pension2 is important.

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