CalSTRS Unveils Redesigned Featuring Enhanced User Interface and Robust Product Fee Comparison Database
State legislated website provides tools to navigate thousands of supplemental savings investment options

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WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The California State Teachers’ Retirement System today announced a comprehensive redesign of, a free online resource providing tools for visitors to compare hundreds of supplemental savings products available through their employer. The site is available to all certificated and classified employees of California public school and community college districts, county offices of education and charter schools.

CalSTRS created in 2004, upon the 2002 passage of AB 2506 (Steinberg). California Education Code sections 25100–25115 state that CalSTRS will provide and maintain the site and that 403(b) vendors are required to register and clearly disclose product and fee information.

CalSTRS is committed to transparency and ensuring employees are aware of the fees they are paying for their supplemental savings accounts. Over time, even a small difference in vendor fees can contribute to a substantial cost-savings in a member’s investment account.

“403bCompare directly supports CalSTRS’ commitment to provide our members with financial planning tools.”

Jack Ehnes
CalSTRS Chief Executive Officer

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“403bCompare directly supports CalSTRS’ commitment to provide our members with financial planning tools as we underscore the importance of retirement preparedness,” said CalSTRS Chief Executive Officer Jack Ehnes. “With its vast array of robust tools and enhanced user functionality, 403bCompare is the only comprehensive resource in the U.S. providing fee comparisons by product type, with the goal to make our members’ retirement planning experience less of a gamble and more of a well-thought-out plan to meet their future income needs.”

The average CalSTRS member dedicates a little over 25 years of service to their profession, and upon retirement, receives a defined benefit pension that typically replaces around 55 percent of their final salary. In order to bridge the gap between the average defined benefit replacement ratio and their retirement income goal, employees have the option to voluntarily participate in a supplemental savings plan, such as a 403(b) or 457(b).

However, employees are often faced with an overwhelming amount of complex and sometimes hard-to-understand information when they attempt to choose between hundreds of 403(b) products encompassing more than 5,000 investment options. The 403bCompare website serves as a helpful guide to easily compare up-to-date information across a variety of vendors, investment product options and account management fees, all in a user-friendly interface.

“Everything our members need is available on 403bCompare in one central resource, including retirement planning.”

Sandy Blair
CalSTRS Director of Retirement Readiness

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“More than 72 percent of CalSTRS members trust our organization to provide them with accurate, secure information and superior customer service, and 403bCompare directly fulfills these facets of our member-focused mission,” said CalSTRS Director of Retirement Readiness Sandy Blair. “Everything our members need is available on 403bCompare in one central resource, including retirement planning resources with clear, step-by-step guides; a glossary of investment terms; and the ability to register for a secure account so compared products can be saved for quick reference.”

This is the second generation of the 403bCompare site design over the years as CalSTRS continually implements best practice trends in user-interface design and navigation tools. CalSTRS used in-house staff resources to complete the site redesign, in addition to conducting member focus groups to obtain user feedback and make adjustments prior to launching the refreshed site interface.

About CalSTRS

The California State Teachers’ Retirement System, with a portfolio valued at $202 billion as of February 28, 2017, is the largest educator-only pension fund in the world. CalSTRS administers a hybrid retirement system, consisting of traditional defined benefit, cash balance and voluntary defined contribution plans. We also provide disability and survivor benefits. CalSTRS serves California’s more than 914,000 public school educators and their families from the state’s 1,700 school districts, county offices of education and community college districts.

CalSTRS offers members Pension2®–the opportunity to invest through tax-advantaged payroll deductions in low cost, flexible 403(b), Roth 403(b) and 457(b) plans for additional retirement savings. Compare Pension2 to other 403(b) products on

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