Retirement benefits to charter schools


CalSTRS offers retirement benefits to charter schools

Charter schools have the unique ability to decide whether to provide CalSTRS benefits and services to their employees.

CalSTRS offers the following benefits to members:

Criteria for a charter school to elect CalSTRS

During the initial writing of a charter petition, the school can elect to participate in CalSTRS to provide retirement benefits for their employees.

Charter schools must meet the following criteria to participate in CalSTRS retirement programs:

  • Recognized as a public charter by the California Department of Education
  • Elect participation in CalSTRS and enroll eligible employees (members)
  • Provide documentation to CalSTRS confirming participation before reporting contributions
  • Report contributions to CalSTRS via school district or county office of education  

California Education Code law for charter schools

Required documents from charter schools

Prior to accepting contributions, CalSTRS requires the following documents:

  • A copy of the school’s charter petition indicating the election or participation in CalSTRS.
  • If the charter school chooses to collect pre-tax contributions, a completed Employer Paid Member Contributions  Resolution is required.

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